Lindsi Gish started gish&co. to help nonprofits & small businesses better use their internal resources, tell stories, and get things done. The gish&co. network includes seasoned designers, developers & digital strategists, as well as experienced professionals in the communications, PR, advertising & marketing industries.

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Lindsi Gish - owner of gish&co.About Lindsi Gish

Hi. I’m Lindsi. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a former nonprofiteer, problem solver, digital enthusiast, Jane-of-many-trades, and self-aware extrovert.

My most recent full-time gig was on the digital strategy team of a global PR firm, working on some big and fun accounts such as the United States Postal Service, Red Stamp, and Sparticl.org (a project of Twin Cities Public Television and 3M). Prior to that, I ran all-things digital & communications for Second Harvest Heartland, one of the nation’s largest food banks under the Feeding America umbrella. I also spent some time in a B2B SMB, helping sell refurbished IT hardware throughout the land (but mostly Minneapolis).

Currently, I run gish&co., and am a Godmother to two of the awesomest girls in the world; a mother to my furbaby Chug named Pisco; an enthusiastic craft beer drinker; a wannabe serious cyclist; a fast-crafter; a do-gooder; a COCO community member; a MIMA member; and a mostly competent tech geek (depending on who you ask).

If you’d like a little more detail, feel free to head over to LinkedIn or Twitter.

Sara Blair - Marketing Specialist at gish&co.About Sara Blair

I’m Sara, but also go by Blair (my last name) because there’s bound to be too many Saras in the room. I come from the nonprofit world—most recently helping manage and execute strategic communications for Second Harvest Heartland food bank.

In my marketing role at gish&co., I’m a utility player and like to use my wide range of skills every day. Copywriting and graphic design—cool. Strategic planning—great. Putting it all together in a meaningful way—even better. What’s really satisfying to me is last-minute problem solving and working under pressure. If you have a problem, I want to help fix it.

I’m a new mom to baby Charlie and a seasoned mom to Dora the dog. I enjoy drinking mimosas without the orange juice, cooking and eating all the veggies, being in the backyard with my family and singing karaoke.