Helping good people get good work done.

Hi! We’re gish&co. and we’re
out to save the world.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too ambitious. But we are definitely out to help the people who are trying to make the world a better place.

We are a small but powerful team of marketing professionals. We help our clients authentically tell their stories and build audiences, without a lot of fuss.

If you’re looking for jargon-laden marketing theory, you’ve come to the wrong place. However, if what you need is pragmatic, hard-working help with your marketing and communications, we just may be a good match.

So, what’s happening in your world? Where could you use a boost?

What we do

Social and Digital Strategy

We bring clarity to your marketing challenges

Communications Planning

We help you form strategic and sustainable plans

Campaign Execution

We partner with you to make your plans reality

Clients call us when

Our work style

  • We’re strategy-minded.

    Before we start knocking off tasks, we want to have some clarity around the bigger picture.

  • We’re truly collaborative.

    We want to dig into things with you. Discover what makes you unique. And figure out how to tell your story authentically.

  • We’re decisive.

    At some point, the deliberations need to stop and somebody needs to suggest ways to move forward. That’s often us. Sorry, not sorry!

  • We’re thoughtful.

    There’s marketing. And then there’s how we all get the marketing done while staying sane. Our job is to make your situation/job/life a bit easier.

  • We’re effective.

    What does that mean? It means things are done right, but not overdone. It’s somewhere between making sure the work is perfect…but also not shooting for a Rembrandt when a simple sketch will do.

  • We’re quick.

    We all have lives, you know? So, let’s get the right things done, with just the right amount of fuss.

  • We bring good energy.

    You can count on us to be the ones in the meeting bringing fresh ideas with an upbeat attitude.

What our clients say

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How can we help you?

Do you have an idea for a potential collaboration? Want to know if working with gish&co. might be right for you? We’d love to meet you.
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