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Our Story

We got into business because we love to get things done.
Making a plan, setting things in motion, checking off tasks, and reporting on real progress – it’s addictive!
By serving clients, we get to indulge our passion for change over and over again.


Plan. Do. Report. Repeat.

AboutLindsi Gish

Hi. I’m Lindsi. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a former nonprofiteer, and current problem solver, tech enthusiast, Jane-of-many-trades, and self-aware extrovert.

I started gish&co. in 2014 and feel fortunate to have brought a no-nonsense approach to marketing to many great organizations. Being a business owner has been a wild ride, full of challenges and epiphanies—but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before gish&co. I was on the digital strategy team of a global PR firm, working on accounts such as the United States Postal Service, Red Stamp, and (a project of Twin Cities Public Television and 3M). Prior to that, I ran all-things digital & communications for Second Harvest Heartland, one of the nation’s largest food banks under the Feeding America umbrella. I also spent some time in a B2B SMB, helping sell refurbished IT hardware throughout the land (but mostly Minneapolis).

I spend my free time hanging out with my husband/son/dog and other family and friends, doing DIY home projects (preferably ones that take two hours or less), finding the latest Minneapolis cocktail and dinner hotspots, conspiring with coworking friends, and plotting my next big travel adventure.

If you’d like a little more detail, feel free to head over to LinkedIn or Twitter.

AboutTaylor Wicklund

Hey there, I’m Taylor (she/they), thanks for stopping by! I have been enchanted by storytelling and curating meaningful content my entire life. I am a former wearer-of-many-hats in the nonprofit world and have always been a dreamer, harmonizer, and actualizer. 

Growing up alongside social media, I have always had an interest in the “secret spices” that make some messages and brands stand out over others. I began optimizing my own webpages and curating content when I was just 10! I thought that it was pretty cool that I could do it professionally at 18 when I picked up my first political communications role. Since then, I have tried a bit of everything – hospice care, advocacy, and most recently, nonprofit data management and marketing where I discovered my love for consulting. As a self-taught marketer, I am passionate about helping businesses and nonprofits feel empowered, in control, and up-to-date with their marketing strategies.

When my mouth isn’t watering over brand strategy and execution, I can either be found on an adventure or relaxing at home. I love to explore the nooks, crannies, and holes in the wall of the Twin Cities (especially when food is involved), hike in outstate, and to live into my inner couch potato when I get the chance (hey, we all need to wind down, right?). Whether at work or play, I can usually be found with my sweet, sweet rescue pups – Moose and Honey.

AboutHannah Meacock Ross

Hiya. I’m Hannah Meacock Ross. My friends tell me that my job title should be something like “The Solutionist,” but Marketing Consultant is a close second. I’m an English teacher’s daughter, writer and digital communications specialist. I’ve spent most of my career communicating about things that matter.

Most recently, I worked as the glue that held together the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast team at American Public Media. I’ve done just about everything in the digital world; editorial work, copywriting, media relations, content strategy, digital production, event production and marketing. Prior to landing in the world of media, I ran programs and did development work at non-profits both local and nationwide.

Outside of work, I mother two daughters and daughter one mother, who lives with dementia, and my family. My husband and I enjoy walking our enormous, fluffy puppy and remembering when we used to travel.

And it’s not just us!

While we pride ourselves on being small-but-mighty, there’s no way we’d be able to meet the needs of all of our clients without our powerful network of subcontractors. Most of our clients have additional support behind-the-scenes, but if you want to meet the partners and have them center stage alongside us, we’re good with that, too!

our approach

What’s it like working with gish&co.? Consider the following our manifesto on how we use marketing to make a difference. 

We love to collaborate!

You know your business. Our business is to tap into your passion and expertise and bring it to life through effective communications strategies (and good old fashioned storytelling).

We like decisions.

At some point, it’s time to stop analyzing and make some choices. Which is why we like to find and suggest constructive ways to move forward. We particularly love to suggest solutions that get head nods from the entire room, including your toughest stakeholders (you know who we’re talking about!).

We want to free you up to do your job.

Your effectiveness as a leader is important. We see our job as helping bring clarity and traction to your world, so that you can move on to bigger, more strategic issues. Isn’t that how it should be when you bring in outside help?

We like to get stuff done.

We’re all about effectiveness. What does that mean? To us, it means doing things right, but not overdoing them. We’ll obsess over the details that make a difference, and help you cut through the mental clutter so you can focus on what really matters. 

Celebrating client Shaye Moris' 25th anniversary with Second Harvest.
Lindsi outside of Scout Workshop, our office space.
Taylor hard at work.
Hannah with client Sandy on a photo and video shoot in North Dakota.
Lindsi serves on the board of Minnestar.
Lindsi and Sara with Kristen Womack and Mayor Carter at Hack the Gap.
Lindsi and Taylor in a virtual meeting with partner Kelsie Foster.
Lindsi with clients at the InSideOut Initiative at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.
Lindsi and Taylor with friends, family, and clients at Second Harvest Heartland's annual gala, Dish.

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