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2016: A Year in Numbers

The past year was momentous for gish&co. in many ways. Bigly, if you will. (Sorry.)

A multitude of new websites, a couple of new team members, and more than a few late nights finishing a project to be proud of, 2016—business-wise, at least—was a year to remember.

Personally, I’ve been feeling more grateful than ever. We have awesome relationships with a generous and collaborative band of clients. We have the opportunity to work with some of the most talented designers and developers and writers and strategists around. We work out of the best coworking space known to mankind (proven, because science), where we’ve met some of our co-conspirators and where I’ve met some of my best friends.

There are myriad reasons I’m glad to see 2016 end. But professionally? I’m just happy to celebrate it, and can’t help but feel optimistic about what the future has in store.

Thanks to Sara for putting together this fun little list to remember:

Number of websites launched: 9

Strategy and storytelling are at the heart of it, but it’s also just really fun. From the beginning brainstorm meetings to launch day, we’ve loved every minute of it.  

Number of clients worked with: 19

And they’re all great in their own unique ways.

Client industries represented: 8

From hunger relief to women’s health to law firms to salon & spas—we’re lucky to get to work with a diverse group of brilliant, creative human beings every day. Our clients are the Why behind the What, for sure.

In-person events supported: 7

We helped tell stories and engage participants at Hack the Gap, bushCONNECT, Twin Cities Pride Festival, and more. These are some of the longest days, but also the most energizing and among the most rewarding.

Number of coffee meetings held: Infinite

We work hard to play hard, and caffeinating is essential. Good thing our coworking space has free coffee all day long.

Number of happy hour meetings enjoyed: All of them

Because, why not?  

Most frequented lunch spot: Tied for World Street Kitchen and moto-i

Seriously, if you haven’t been to WSK—get there ASAP. And make sure to get the brussels sprouts! And moto-i? join the rewards program, get fries with extra bearnaise, and win the day with the curry ramen. 

Number of times brussels sprouts were ordered at said lunch spot: Every. Single. Time.

Crispy, oily and salty? Yes, please.

Number of times Lindsi ordered ranch dressing with tortilla chips at Chili’s: Every time she went to Chili’s

It’s a thing.

Number of LaCroixs consumed by Sara: 203 (probably)

Lime > Lemon > Pamplemousse. In that order.

Number of days in 2016 that Andrea dressed better than anyone else in the room: 365

We’re still trying to get her to teach us her ways.

Number of new team members: 2

Amy headed off to other opportunities, and Sara joined gish&co. in March as a full-time marketing specialist. Then Andrea joined as our first intern in October. They’ve all contributed in valuable and unique ways!

Number of emojis used in Slack conversations: Yes

What can we say, we love a good emoji. ?? ?  ?  ?  ❤️ ?

Number of gish&co. babies: 4

Two dogs, one cat, one human. In no particular order.

Number of holiday gatherings hosted: 1

And it was the best. Mostly because we were surrounded by amazingly generous people we have the pleasure of working with, but we were also able to give back by making 100+ care packages full of granola bars, beef sticks, hand and feet warmers, bottled water, socks and love notes for the homeless.

Here’s to more kind people, fulfilling projects, important movements, and great ideas in 2017.

From all of us at gish&co., Happy New Year. 

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