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COVID-19: What We’re Doing (and What You Should Consider)

It’s a critical time for thorough, thoughtful communication—with your clients/customers/donors, with your staff, and with your partners. Being clear about where you stand, and the action steps you’re taking to #FlattenTheCurve, can help ease everyone’s minds and ensure you have a loyal base of support when things return to “normal.”

More #MIMASummit Musings

As a former MIMA board member and enthusiastic extrovert, there have been few MIMA Summits when I’ve been able to actually pay attention (and learn! Imagine that!) in sessions, without having myriad other responsibilities or… you know, people to catch up with in the hallways. This year, I showed up as my fully-focused self (thanks, Headspace), and have distilled some of my favorite tidbits down into this short & sweet list.

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